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Brand / Artist

Animate Run

In 2022, Animate Run was established with the aim of reviving and reimagining the iconic work and designs of ANIMATE PRINT AND DESIGN from the 90s. But this time, all done under proper licensing.

Our motto, "Reviving old memories in a new way: toys and snacks from the 90s," guides our mission. Currently, we've launched several popular products, including Power Coins and Sticker Collection Books featuring beloved franchises like Super Sentai, Metal Hero, and Ultraman. Additionally, we offer Trading Cards showcasing characters from Ultraman, Street Fighter, and Saint Seiya. Moreover, our lineup includes a collection of Soft Vinyl figures inspired by Saint Seiya.

Excitingly, we'll unveil exclusive products at the upcoming WDF2024, continuing our tradition from last year.

#AnimateRun #อนิเมทในตำนาน #AnimatePrintandDesign




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